You've decided to work with an attorney, considered your options and selected carefully. There are several additional questions you need to have answered, including:
  • How will you be charged and how much? It is important to know if you will be paying an hourly rate, a flat fee, or if the attorney will take the case on a contingent basis. You should also know when payments are to be made.
  • Once you know how you will be charged, find out what you can do to help keep the fees down.
  • Know who all the people you will be dealing with in the office are. In addition to your attorney there may be other attorneys, secretaries, paralegals, and others. Find out who to speak to when.
  • Know what both you and your attorney's obligations and responsibilities are. Remember that you are the one in control. Your attorney can help you and advise you, but ultimately the decision making is still in your hands.

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