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Virginia Divorce
When you divorce, you and your spouse legally separate your lives. Depending on the length of your marriage and whether you have children, this can get complicated. Virginia statutes outline the procedures you must follow before your divorce can be finalized. Representing Yourself If you choose to represent ... READ MORE

Dealing with Personal Bankruptcy in Virginia
Bankruptcy is a legal procedure that allows people who cannot pay their debts get a fresh start. Federal law provides for several different types of bankruptcy, although only two are commonly used by individuals. Chapter 7 is the traditional form, where the courts liquidate all nonexempt assets to pay ... READ MORE

Virginia Employment Law Basics
Employers with at least six employees are subject to Virginia’s state laws that prohibit discrimination. ... READ MORE

Virginia Traffic Violations
Traffic violations are criminal acts that violate the rules of driving. Most violations are considered minor infractions. They usually won't have serious consequences. However, some violations, such as driving while under the influence, can be considered major criminal offenses. Also, minor violations ... READ MORE

VA Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial
You're part of a lawsuit that's been filed in the Virginia small claims court and it's almost time for it to go trial and have a judge decide who wins. What can you do to help make sure you're on the winning side? Witnesses can have a big influence on the judge, and so they can mean the difference between ... READ MORE

Virginia Small Claims
What Is Small Claims Court? How do you get someone to pay you the money she owes you or to return your personal property? In Virginia, these kinds of disputes and many others are handled by a special court. It's good idea for all Virginians to know a little about what "small claims court" is and how ... READ MORE

Virginia Expungement and Record Sealing
Having a criminal record can make it difficult to do many things most people take for granted, from getting a job or renting an apartment to getting a gun permit. In some cases, you may be able to have your record sealed so that the public may no longer see it. Virginia's laws on this procedure are very ... READ MORE

VA After Small Claims Court
You've been hard at work preparing for your small claims case. You've arranged for your witnesses to be at trial, and you have all your papers and photographs ready. It's getting close to the time for the judge of the Virginia small claims court to decide who wins. Now's a good time to get an idea of ... READ MORE

VA Alternatives to Small Claims Court
Were you involved in a fender bender and the other driver won't pay to have your car fixed? Did a friend stop repaying a loan you made after she used some of her jewelry as collateral, and now you want the jewelry to pay off the loan? These are the kinds of legal problems that are handled by the Virginia ... READ MORE

VA Collecting the Judgment
Your hard work and determination finally paid off. You won the case you filed in the Virginia small claims court! The judge agreed with you, and the defendant's been ordered to pay what he owes you, or to return or give you some personal property that he's been holding. You're to be congratulated. However, ... READ MORE


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