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Selecting a lawyer is a big step and more than a little intimidating. Whether you go with a family friend, a coworker's recommendation or a lawyer online or in a directory, there are a few things you should know. Lawyers.comsm has several tools to help make your selection easier.

  • Select a lawyer whose experience matches the area of law you need. You wouldn't use a divorce lawyer in a personal injury lawsuit, would you?
  • Choose an attorney that is in good standing. Check out what other lawyers say about your selection using Martindale-Hubbell Peer Review RatingsTM
  • Find out what other people say about their experiences with a particular lawyer with Client Review Ratings
  • Meeting with an attorney can only help you get the facts and make an informed decision. It never hurts to seek expert legal advice

Learn more about selecting a lawyer on the web, from the yellow pages, or from referrals. Remember, knowledge is power and the more you have the better selection you can make.

- 12 Questions to Ask Your Potential Lawyer
- Statement of Client's Responsibilities (PDF)
- Statement of Client's Rights (PDF)
- Types of Lawyers and Areas of Law Definitions

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