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Everywhere you go today there are ratings - from movies to your doctor's services. Here's your chance to give your thoughts about the experiences you've had with a lawyer.

Why should you come back and give your feedback?

  1. Help others. What do you want others to know about the help you received, or didn't, in some cases
  2. Help lawyers. Most lawyers want to know how they're helping clients and how they can improve their services
  3. Help yourself. Round out the legal process that started when you hired a lawyer by submitting a review when your issue wraps up

Completing a Client Review

Here's how to complete a Client Review:

  • Find your lawyer's result in the lawyer search section (opens a new window)

  • Find the lawyer's search result listing and click on the "Submit Rating" button found to the right in the review box  
  • A survey window will open to complete the review     

The review process is completely confidential. Your identifying information is only used to verify your review. You're never directly linked with a review to the lawyer.

What Kind of Feedback Can I Give?

On the review form, you're asked:

  • If your experiences were as an individual or a business owner
  • How it was to work with the lawyer, from poor to excellent - communication ability, responsiveness, quality of service and value for money
  • The legal issue you had
  • Would you recommend the lawyer's services to others

Use the free-form area to give additional thoughts about the lawyer. Your review is added to the attorney's profile after it's verified. The lawyer may show all reviews or none of the reviews, but can't pick-and-choose individual reviews.

That's it! Fast, easy, and you now have a voice in providing better service for others looking for a lawyer.

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Margaret A. O'Reilly, PC

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Margaret A. O'Reilly, PC

5.0/5.0 AV Rating

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