Power of Attorney Form

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Create or update your Power of Attorney document.

Lawyer.com's Power of Attorney template takes a short amount of time to complete and can be customized with your own information. This, your last will and testament and living will, should be kept in a safe place.

What is a Power of Attorney?

Power of Attorney gives the person or organization you select the ability to oversee financial, legal and health decisions on your behalf. You can grant Special or General powers depending on what you want to do. A durable power of attorney takes effect if you're incapacitated.

Why should I have a Power of Attorney?

  • In case you're not available to make decisions, someone will have authority over your estate
  • If you become incapacitated and you can't make decision

Have the following information available:

  • Name and address of the Principal
  • Name and address of the Agent, who act on behalf of the Principal
  • A description of what powers the Principal will have - Special or General

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