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OH After Small Claims Court
Generally, the judge's decision is announced at the end of a small claims trial. However, sometimes the judge wants to take additional time to review the evidence or research the law before entering a final judgment. When this occurs, the parties receive a copy of the final judgment in the mail. Motion ... READ MORE

Accused of a Crime in Ohio
Although the criminal process is similar throughout the country, some slight differences exist in each state. Here's a general look at what happens if you're charged with a crime in Ohio. The Arrest People can be arrested if there's good reason – probable cause – for a law enforcement officer ... READ MORE

How to File Divorce in Ohio
Divorce legally ends a marriage. Issues regarding assets, debts and children are settled. You must file for divorce in the state where you or your spouse lives at the time. You can file in Ohio if you or your spouse have lived there for at least six months. Avoiding Court Going to court is time-consuming ... READ MORE

Ohio Personal Injury Damages
Personal injury is part of tort law, which provides for legal remedies for persons who have suffered physical injuries through the wrongful or negligent conduct of others. Personal injury claims result from various types of injuries that may have different laws regarding proof and the evidence allowed ... READ MORE

Expungement and Record Sealing Help in Ohio
Sometimes it is possible to officially overlook mistakes, at least when it comes to entanglements with the criminal justice system. Laws governing expungement and record sealing—two mechanisms that block the public from reviewing official arrest or court records—vary from state to state, with Ohio ... READ MORE

OH Small Claims Trials
In Ohio, the court may schedule a pretrial hearing, which is also referred to as a pretrial conference, before your trial. You'll need to go to trial only if an agreement to resolve your case doesn't occur during the pretrial hearing. A trial date is scheduled by the court if the dispute can't be settled ... READ MORE

OH Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial
Witnesses are people who come to court to tell what they've seen or heard. These people should either be witnesses who saw what happened or experts on the subject matter of the claim involved. Before you bring any witnesses to your trial, discuss the case with potential witnesses who have personal knowledge ... READ MORE

OH What Is Small Claims Court?
In Ohio, small claims court is a division operating in each municipal and county court. It provides a quick, informal and inexpensive way of resolving many types of disputes. Small claims cases are filed with the clerk of court in the appropriate county. The person or business that files a claim to sue ... READ MORE

OH Filing a Small Claims Suit
When you're ready to file your small claims case, bring all the information and papers concerning your claim with you to the appropriate county courthouse. The first step in filing a small claims lawsuit is obtaining and filling out the necessary forms consisting of a statement of claim and a notice. ... READ MORE

Estate Planning Information in Ohio
Estate planning is an awkward issue, but it's important for adults to keep their affairs in order in case sudden tragedy strikes. Proper planning can help your survivors avoid drawn-out legal battles and ensure that your wishes are followed. Most states have similar laws, although Ohio differs in some ... READ MORE


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