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NY After Small Claims Court
After your small claims trial is over, you may need to get paid or pay what you owe; you may also want to appeal the judgment. Appeals Either a side of a claim may appeal the judge's decision. When you appeal a decision, you ask a higher court to review it for any error. You can appeal a judge's decision. ... READ MORE

How to Get a New York Divorce
Divorce is a lawsuit that dissolves marriage, along with its related legal duties. Assets, debts and issues regarding children are all addressed in the lawsuit. Divorce Without A Trial Many people think that all legal processes take place in court, but most of the time, cases are settled out of court. ... READ MORE

New York's Criminal Law Procedures
The legal procedures involved with the criminal process are varied and sometimes confusing. Although most states follow the same basic steps, each can vary in some details. This guide explains the basic criminal process in New York. Under Arrest in New York In New York, a police officer can place you ... READ MORE

Home Buying Basics in New York
Certain types of properties (such as newly built homes and cooperatives) are exempt from state disclosure rules in New York. ... READ MORE

Considerations Before Selling a House in New York
A real estate agent will be an integral part of your homeselling team, and most people selling their home in New York work with a licensed real estate broker or agent. ... READ MORE

New York Business Legal Forms
Business Services Bankruptcy Evaluation Small Claims Service Contracts Affidavit Amendment of Agreement Bill of Sale - Automobile Bill of Sale - Quitclaim Bill of Sale with Warranty Consignment Agreement Debt Settlement Agreement Equipment Lease Agreement General Business Agreement General Contractor ... READ MORE

New York Small Claims
Find out basic rules and procedures for filing a small claims court case in New York. ... READ MORE

Property Division In New York
In New York, all marital property will be "equitably distributed" in a divorce proceeding. "Separate property," as its name implies, won't be included in an equitable distribution. Separate property includes: Property acquired before the marriage Property acquired through inheritance or by gift from ... READ MORE

New York Personal Injury Law
If you were injured in an accident, you may have a legal remedy against the party who caused it. A personal injury claim asserts that someone’s negligent, unlawful, or intentional conduct caused your accident or contributed to it, and as a result of that conduct, you suffered financial, physical, and/or ... READ MORE

NY Collecting the Judgment
If you win in small claims court, the court will enter a judgment for a sum of money. The award then must be "enforced" or collected from the other party. You may need to take action and spend money to enforce the judgment. Sometimes it's difficult or even impossible to enforce the judgment. Both sides ... READ MORE


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