New Hampshire Small Claims

What is a Small Claims Court?

What can you do if someone won't pay the money he owes you, but it's not enough to justify hiring an attorney to get it? In New Hampshire, these types of disputes can be handled by a "small claims" court. So, if you're owed money, it may pay to know what small claims court is and how it works. More

Filing a Small Claims Court?

You need to get to work once you've decided to file a lawsuit in a New Hampshire small claims court to get some money you're owed. Filing a small claims suit involves several things. You have to know exactly who you're suing, have the right paperwork and file the suit in the right court. More

Small Claims Trials

Now that the lawsuit has been filed, it's time to get ready for the trial or "hearing," and have the case decided by a New Hampshire small claims court. It's time to find out if you win or lose, so knowing how the small claims trial process works is absolutely critical. More

Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial

When it's time for the trial or hearing of a case in a New Hampshire small claims court, what do you need to win? Witnesses at small claims court can be a big help by supporting your version of the facts or by explaining something technical that ordinary people may not understand. More

After Small Claims Court

The date of your hearing in a New Hampshire small claims court is almost here. You have all your documents and witnesses ready for the judge to make a decision. Now is a good to time to know what to expect after the small claims court has seen and heard all the evidence. More

Collecting the Judgment

The judge of a New Hampshire small claims court decided that someone owes you money and has to pay you. You won the case! Now, you have to figure out how to get him to pay. Even though you won, you may discover that collecting on the judgment is often a long and difficult process. More

Alternatives to Small Claims Court

Does someone owe you money, but you don't want to file a lawsuit to get your money? Not even a suit in a New Hampshire small claims court? There are alternatives to small claims court that may help you get the money your owes without having to file a lawsuit. More

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