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NE Filing a Small Claims Suit
Before you file a small claims suit, consider the time, effort and expense required to assert your claim. Make sure that you have some proof of the debt such as a receipt, note, bill of sale, warranty or a witness. If at all possible, try to settle your dispute out of court. When a reasonable agreement ... READ MORE

NE Alternatives to Small Claims Court
In Nebraska, there are several alternatives to suing in small claims court. You can try to settle the case out of court, you can participate in mediation, you can file a complaint with a government agency or you can retain an attorney to represent you in county court. Settlement Before filing a small ... READ MORE

NE Collecting the Judgment
Don't think the small claims process is over just because you filed a claim, went to trial and won a court judgment. You may need to take action and spend money to enforce the judgment. The collection process can be time consuming and there's no guarantee that the debtor will pay you the amount owed. ... READ MORE

NE Small Claims Trials
After the complaint has been filed and the defendant served, both sides need to prepare their case for court. The judge will decide the case based on the evidence presented by you and the other party. Therefore, you should come to court prepared to prove your case. Write a Case Summary As part of your ... READ MORE

NE What is Small Claims Court
In Nebraska, small claims court is a division of county court and the hearings are conducted by a county judge. Small claims court provides a prompt and inexpensive way to resolve minor disputes. The amount owed or dollar value of property must not be more than $2,700. Court procedure is informal and ... READ MORE

NE Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial
Witnesses are people who come to court to tell what they have seen or heard. These people should either be witnesses who saw what happened or experts on the subject matter of the claim involved. Before you bring any witnesses to your trial, discuss the case with potential witnesses who have personal ... READ MORE

Divorce Help in Nebraska
A divorce or marriage dissolution severs the legal rights and responsibilities of the marriage contract. The parties continue to be bound by legal agreements or court orders, however. These agreements and orders address how property is distributed, how children and spouses are supported, and other relevant ... READ MORE

NE After Small Claims Court
Generally, the judge's decision will be announced at the end of a small claims trial. The judgment will specify which side prevailed and if money damages are being awarded and the amount of those damages. Sometimes the judge will want to take additional time to review the evidence or research case law ... READ MORE

The Nebraska Home Selling Process
Selling your residence can be a big project. It's time-intensive and it can have significant consequences. There’s more to selling than placing a “for sale by owner” sign in your yard. Be prepared to aggressively promote your home or it may sit on the market for a long period of time, ... READ MORE

Expungement Procedure in Nebraska
Having a criminal record presents significant barriers to anyone seeking middle and high income wage employment, rental housing, government benefits or consumer credit, or who is pursuing a professional license. Public agencies like law enforcement agencies will not accept applicants with criminal records, ... READ MORE


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