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Home Buyer's Guide to Missouri
If you're in the market for a new home, there's a good chance you are already stressing about the cumbersome home-buying process and all the tedious details involved. While there are some important legal issues involved in purchasing residential property—many of which vary from one state to the ... READ MORE

Missouri Small Claims Court
Find out basic rules and procedures for filing a small claims court case in Missouri. ... READ MORE

Missouri Personal Injury
Personal injury cases are governed by state laws and rules when an injured victim brings a legal claim against another party. You may begin a personal injury claim by contacting the defendant's insurer or by filing an action in a Missouri court. Your legal action alleges that the defendant acted negligently, ... READ MORE

MO Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial
So, you're involved in a lawsuit that's been filed in a Missouri small claims or "people's" court, and now it's time to prepare for the trial and have a judge decide if you win or lose. What can you do to help make sure you're on the winning side? Of course, you need all the documents and papers to explain ... READ MORE

MO After Small Claims Court
You've been preparing for your small claims case for a while now. You have all of your bills, receipts, and other papers in order, and you've arranged for your witnesses to be at the trial. It's getting close to the time for the judge of a Missouri small claims court (or "people's court") to make a decision, ... READ MORE

MO Alternatives to Small Claims Court
Is a customer refusing to pay for repairs you made to her car? Were you involved in a fender-bender and the other driver won't pay to have your car fixed? These are the kinds of disputes over money that are handled by the Missouri small claims courts, or "people's courts." They're designed to be a fast, ... READ MORE

MO Collecting the Judgment
Your hard work and determination paid off. The judge of a Missouri small claims court, or "peoples" court, as they're commonly known, agreed with you and decided that the defendant, the person you sued, owes you money. You're to be congratulated. Before you start celebrating, though, you need to know ... READ MORE

MO Filing a Small Claims Suit
Do you have a customer who refuses to pay you for the repairs you made to her car? Or did you give a roofer a down payment, but he never started the job? These are just a couple of examples of the types of claims or disputes that are resolved by a Missouri small claims courts, or the "people's court." ... READ MORE

MO Small Claims Trials
Someone owes you money and you decided to file a small claims lawsuit to get it. When you filed the Small Claim Petition, the court clerk gave you a trial date. The defendant (the person you sued) never offered to pay you, or "settle" the case. You tried mediation, where a neutral third party tried to ... READ MORE

MO What Is Small Claims Court?
Everyday, people have disagreements over money, like a landlord who refuses to return a tenant's security deposit, or a customer who won't pay for repairs made to her car. Often, these minor disputes don't involve enough money to justify hiring an attorney. The fees you may have to pay an attorney may ... READ MORE


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