A do-it-yourself sale in the Land of 10,000 lakes could result in 10,000 headaches. You must follow a variety of state and local requirements, or you ... read more
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MN Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial
So, you're involved in a lawsuit that's been filed in the Minnesota conciliation court (or "small claims" court). Now it's time to go to trial and have a judge, or maybe a referee, decide who wins. What can you do to help make sure you're on the winning side? Witnesses can mean the difference between ... Read more

MN What Is Small Claims Court?
People have disputes over money all the time. Common examples are when a landlord refuses to refund all or part of a security deposit, or when a customer refuses to pay for something that was sold and delivered to him. It's also common for these types of legal problems to involve such a small sum of ... Read more

MN Small Claims Trials
Someone owes you money or won't return some personal property to you, so you decided to file a small claims lawsuit. When you, the "plaintiff," filed the Statement of Claim, the court clerk scheduled a day and time for the hearing or trial. The defendant - the person you sued - never offered to settle ... Read more

Divorces in Minnesota
A divorce is the legal process in which the rights and responsibilities of the parties regarding their children, assets, marital property and debts are determined. A divorce can substantially affect your tax status as well as have significant emotional consequences. A divorce can end the marital relationship ... Read more

Bankruptcy Considerations in Michigan
Bankruptcy can mean a new beginning if you have severe financial issues by providing relief in two ways. For those debtors with considerable unsecured debt, a Chapter 7 bankruptcy can discharge most if not all of that debt while protecting your assets from the claims of creditors. A Chapter 13 bankruptcy ... Read more

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