Michigan Small Claims

What is Small Claims Court?

What is small claims court? In Michigan, as well as most other states, it's a court that handles disputes over small amounts of money. Like a mechanic who can't get a customer to pay for car repairs he made. If you're owed money and can't afford a lawyer, you should know about this court. More

Filing a Small Claims Suit

Someone refuses to pay you money that's owed to you, and so you've decided to file a lawsuit in the Michigan small claims court. Filing the suit takes a little effort. You need file suit in the right court, know some personal information about all defendants, and get the right paperwork. More

Small Claims Trials

Your lawsuit in the Michigan small claims lawsuit has been filed and the trial date is coming up. Soon the court will decide if you win or lose. Now's a good time to know a little about how the trial process works and what you can do to help your chances of winning. More

Witnesses at a Small Claims Trial

It's time to get ready for the trial in the Michigan small claims court. What do you need to win? Witnesses can mean the difference between winning and losing. They can help support your version of the story, or maybe explain something technical about your case to help the judge understand the case. More

After Small Claims Court

It's almost time for the trial of your case in the Michigan small claims court. Your witnesses are ready and all your documents and evidence are in order. It's a good time to get an idea of what to expect after the small claims court has seen and heard all the evidence. More

Collecting the Judgment

You won your lawsuit in the Michigan small claims court, and the magistrate agreed that the defendant owes you money. If the defendant doesn't pay you voluntarily, you have to take action to get him to pay. You have some options, but collecting on the judgment isn't always easy. More

Alternatives to Small Claims Court

Someone owes you money, but you don't want to file a lawsuit? Not even one in informal and inexpensive Michigan small claims court? There are some alternatives to small claims court that may help you resolve your problem without having to deal with a court. More

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