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Michigan Employment Law Basics
Learn about the state and federal laws that protect your workplace rights in Michigan. ... READ MORE

Following Michigan Personal Injury Law
If you think an accident—whether a vehicular crash or a complication during medical treatment—resulted from someone else's negligence, you could have grounds for a personal injury lawsuit that results in compensation for damages. Michigan laws governing such lawsuits have unique requirements, ... READ MORE

Michigan Small Claims
What is Small Claims Court? What is small claims court? In Michigan, as well as most other states, it's a court that handles disputes over small amounts of money. Like a mechanic who can't get a customer to pay for car repairs he made. If you're owed money and can't afford a lawyer, you should know about ... READ MORE

Michigan Traffic Violations
Traffic violations are criminal acts that violate the rules of driving. Most violations are considered minor infractions. They usually won't have serious consequences. However, some violations, such as driving while under the influence, can be considered major criminal offenses. Also, minor violations ... READ MORE

MI Filing a Small Claims Suit
Do you have a customer who refuses to pay you for the repairs you made to her car? Or maybe your former landlord won't return your security deposit? These are just a couple of examples of the types of claims or disputes that are handled by the Michigan small claims courts. And, now that you're ready ... READ MORE

MI Witnesses at Small Claims Court
You're part of a lawsuit in the Michigan small claims court, and now it's time to prepare for trial. What do you need to help convince the magistrate that you should win the case? Witnesses can mean the difference between winning and losing by influencing what the magistrate thinks about your claims. ... READ MORE

MI What Is Small Claims Court?
People have minor disputes every day. They range from a landlord who refuses to return a tenant's security deposit, to a customer who won't pay for car repairs made by a mechanic. Many times, these kinds of disputes don't involve enough money to justify hiring an attorney. The fees you may have to pay ... READ MORE

MI Small Claims Trials
Someone owes you money and you decided to file a lawsuit in a Michigan small claims lawsuit. After you filed the Affidavit and Claim, the court sent you a trial date, Since then, the defendant never offered to pay you, or "settle" the case. You tried mediation, where a neutral third party tried to get ... READ MORE

Record Sealing and Expungement in Michigan
It can be hard to get work, professional licenses, or school financial aid if you have a criminal record, especially a felony conviction. Michigan allows you to have one conviction expunged, or set aside, so that it will not show up in a background check. The state sets strict requirements for this privilege. ... READ MORE

How to Get a Michigan Divorce
In a divorce, you and your spouse legally separate your lives, including the property you own and other financial assets. If you and your spouse agree on everything, divorce can be a fairly straightforward process. Even so, you must follow Michigan's rules regarding divorce, including residency requirements ... READ MORE


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