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When you meet with an attorney be prepared and be ready to ask and answer questions. The attorney will step you through the process, but there are some things you should remember at this stage.

  • Arrive a little bit early so you can relax and compose your thoughts before the meeting.
  • Be honest. Tell the attorney everything that you can think of even if it doesn't seem important to you.
  • Ask all of your questions.
  • Remember that although you have gone to the attorney for help, this is also an audition for them. You do not have to work with this attorney!

Learn more about the first meeting with your lawyer by selecting from the list of topics below or access our detailed review. Don't forget to take along our list of 12 Questions To Ask Your Potential Lawyer.

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Meet with a Lawyer - Consumer Issues

- Bankruptcy
- Criminal Law
- Elder Care Issues
- Employment Issues
- Entertainment & Intellectual Property
- Family & Divorce Issues
- Immigration
- Maritime Injury
- Personal Injury
- Personal Tax
- Real Estate
- Trusts & Estates
- Wills & Probate
- Workers' Comp

Meet with a Lawyer - Business Issues

- Banking & Finance
- Business Real Estate
- Business Bankruptcy
- Business Startups
- Business Issues
- Immigration
- Employment Issues
- Business Taxes
- Internet Business
- Strategic Alliances

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