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Many life events are planned, but many others are surprises - or at least catch you off guard. Get the information you need so even if you're not prepared, you can catch up quickly. From protecting your family and finances, to planning your future, keep up with the legal issues that matter to you.

Family and Relationships

Family and relationship dynamics change all the time. Your guide to making them less stressful starts here.

Your Money

Financial situations affect everyone, not just the very rich.

  • While you may only pay income taxes once a year, preparing for them is something you should do all year.
  • Don't take Bankruptcy and Debt lightly. These issues can follow you for many years.
  • Help your family and friends even when you're no longer here. Write and prepare a will correctly
  • Everyone may look forward to retirement, but there's more to know than where the next golf course is.
  • If a friend or relative asks you to cosign a loan, you may want to think about the responsibilities you're taking on.

Your Home

Even if your home isn't a castle, protect it like it is one.

  • Buy or sell a house whether you want to do it yourself, or work with an real estate agent.
  • If you're a landlord or a tenant get your information here.
  • Whether you live where there are hurricanes, fires, or tornadoes, home disaster recovery should start before it happens.
  • Take a staycation. You would be surprised at how much fun you can have close to home!

Your Job

Learn to swim before swimming with the sharks.

  • In these tough economic times, you're not alone if you lose a job.
  • Don't start a new job without first reading these articles first.
  • Experiencing business losses after a man-made disaster? Learn what your next steps might be.

Consumer Issues

Take a deep breath before moving forward.

Law Enforcement and Crime

Don't let these occurrences take over your life.

  • Know the facts about teen sexting and how to protect your child from its consequences.
  • Identity theft can spin out of control even if you're prepared. Take these actions if it happens to you.
  • Getting a traffic ticket isn't a problem when you know what to do if you get one.

U.S. Government

Don't know much about our government? Find out how the United States was created and how our government works.

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