"Staycations" have become popular over the past few years due to high fuel costs and expensive airplane fees taking their toll. Even though you're staying home or close to home, there are still many - and often more - things to consider. Children may go to a day camp rather than sleep-away camp, and who's minding them during sports and recreational activities? Parties at your house can turn into lawsuits if alcohol is served and someone is arrested for DWI or worse on the way home. We don't want to scare you, just be prepared, and don't get sued.

Party at Your Home

The Sound of Children Playing

The summer is filled with more than enough activities for children to participate in: Swimming, baseball, basketball, theater programs, and camps for just about any type of activity. There are many issues surrounding children's sports and games that you should be aware of as a parent to protect your child and ensure a safe and sound return.

Injuries at Home and Away



Traffic Violations & DUI/DWI