Life Event: Protect Your Child

Cell phones. What did we do without them? This includes portable devices such as mini-computers you can stick in your purse or backpack making it easy to take pictures and post them to the Internet.

There's no doubt that today's teens are outfitted with the latest electronics either from their parents, or purchased with their own money. For parents, the decision to allow their pre-teen or teen to have a phone is almost a no-brainer: Making pick-ups from school or other activities easier, knowing you can get in touch with your child at a moments notice - that is, if they take your call. 


Just as cell phones can make life easier in some respects, they can make it that much more difficult. Running up bills calling and texting; accessing the internet anytime, downloading questionable music all takes away from a parent's control. What's even more disturbing are the uses teens can get into trouble for, including Sexting. Here are some interesting facts from attorney Gloria Allred about Sexting.


Privacy & Harassment

About 5 years ago, phones had some ability to take pictures, but they've gotten better and some even have cameras with advanced functionality. PDAs (Personal Digital Assistants), Smartphones, and such are now the only ones kids (and adults) want. Sexting isn't just phone-to-phone; it's phone-to-computer - posting on friends' blogs and social media pages. It's often seen as a "prank" or in retaliation for being jilted or other behavior.

Social Media & Parental Responsibility

As a parent, it's your responsibility to know what your child or children are doing online and off. Facebook and other social networking sites have strict policies about what can be posted and what can’t. And they often work with authorities when illicit activities are posted.

Crime and Punishment

What you and your children might not know is that there is a "permanent record" for these activities. It can vary from state to state, and have lasting effects.

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