Life Event: Man-Made Disasters

Man-made disasters can be easier to resolve than natural disasters. For one thing, there's someone responsible for the disaster even if it is an accident. When there's a person or company to blame you can file a lawsuit to obtain compensation for damages to property for the resulting harm to the environment and animals, and for health issues possibly arising from cleaning up or even just breathing the air.

It's easy to file a lawsuit, but sometimes it's difficult to prove significant losses or damages unless you and others join up and get a class action lawsuit started. 

Property Damage
and Insurance

Personal Injury, Toxic Torts and Wrongful Death

Environmental Concerns

Filing a Lawsuit
and Class Actions

Commercial Interests


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There are many reasons to find a lawyer after a man-made disaster. Here's a short list to help you get started.

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- Insurance Lawyers - Wrongful Death Lawyers
- Personal Injury Lawyers - Zoning & Property Use Lawyers
- Property Damage Lawyers

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