Life Event: Being a Landlord or Tenant

Renting an apartment or house from the landlord or renter point of view can be time-consuming and full of surprises. From background checks, to disputes with neighbors and, unfortunately, eviction, there are many legal issues to think about.  

Landlord and Tenant Information by State

Being a Good Landlord:

Whether you're renting an apartment over your garage, a second home, or a multi-unit building, being a landlord isn't easy. You must follow many local and state laws and protect yourself from unruly tenants, and your tenants from harm.

Being a Good Tenant:

Renting may seem stress-free. All you have to do is pay your rent on time and all else done for you, but it often isn't that simple.


Whether you deal directly with your landlord or a property manager, understand who is responsible for what before signing a lease.

Problems and Disputes:

A small issue can escalate into a larger one in no time at all. Understand the steps you can take to protect your interests.

Other Issues:

Some additional issues to consider before renting.

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