Research FAQ

Q: Can Martindale-Hubbell recommend a lawyer?

  • A: Martindale-Hubbell is not at liberty to supply attorney referrals or legal advice, as we are a publishing company. Our website,, includes:
    • A wide range of information on selecting a lawyer including legal articles and the top 12 questions to ask your lawyer.
    • Community allows members to exchange information by posting questions, concerns, answers and solutions on the Internet's most active and helpful law message boards.
    • Ask a Lawyer allows members to pose general legal questions to our panel of attorneys for possible answers on the site.
    • Find a Lawyer allows you to search for an attorney in your area and in a specific practice area. You can also search by attorney or firm name.
    • Contact Lawyers on allows you to compose a brief request and submit it to lawyers in a specific practice area and location who may be able to assist.

Q: How can I find someone that was an attorney years ago?

  • A: Historical editions of the Martindale-Hubbell Law Directory may be available in your local public or law school library. You can also contact the Columbia Law Library at 1-800-332-4529 between 10-4 ET, or by email,, and they can assist you.

Q: How often are the listings updated?

  • A: The online listings in and are updated throughout the year. Books, offered by Martindale-Hubbell, are published once per year.

Q: I can't find this attorney I am thinking of hiring - does that mean I should be suspicious?

  • A: Not necessarily. Martindale-Hubbell offers two attorney directories:
  •, where the attorneys and firms found in the Find a Lawyer directory have elected to purchase a listing.
  •, where Martindale-Hubbell endeavors to provide a comprehensive listing of attorneys and law firms. However, not everyone chooses to provide us with their information for publication.
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