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Iowa Traffic Violations
Traffic violations are criminal acts that violate the rules of driving. Most violations are considered minor infractions. They usually won't have serious consequences. However, some violations, such as driving while under the influence, can be considered major criminal offenses. Also, minor violations ... READ MORE

Iowa Civil Statutes of Limitations
How much time do you have to bring a legal action in the Hawkeye State? ... READ MORE

Iowa Small Claims
What Is Small Claims Court? What can you do if someone owes you money, like a customer or a tenant, but you don't want to pay a lawyer to get it? In Iowa, this type of dispute, and many others, can be handled by a special court. Anyone in your situation should know a little about what "small claims court" ... READ MORE

Iowa Bankruptcy
When you're walking a financial tight rope, any mishap such a medical emergency or a job loss can send you plummeting. Federal law provides a safety net, the right to file for bankruptcy and move on to a debt-free life. Although there are a number of bankruptcy options, most debtors use either Chapter ... READ MORE

Understanding Iowa Personal Injury
If you become incapacitated after an automobile crash or maimed as a result of your employer's carelessness, such an accident could trigger personal injury litigation that results in other parties being required to compensate you for damages. Iowa laws governing such lawsuits have some unique requirements, ... READ MORE

Considerations Before Selling a House in Iowa
Your agent will recommend the appropriate selling price by comparing prices of similar homes (“comps”) that have been listed in your immediate area, and data found in a Multiple Listing Service (MLS). ... READ MORE

IA Witnesses at Small Claims Court
Well, you're involved in a lawsuit that's been filed in an Iowa small claims court, and you're getting ready for the trial or "hearing" when a judge or a magistrate will decide who wins. What can you do to help make sure you're on the winning side? Witnesses can have a big impact on what the judge thinks ... READ MORE

Iowa Business Legal Forms
Business Services Bankruptcy Evaluation Small Claims Service Contracts Affidavit Amendment of Agreement Bill of Sale - Automobile Bill of Sale - Quitclaim Bill of Sale with Warranty Consignment Agreement Debt Settlement Agreement Equipment Lease Agreement General Business Agreement General Contractor ... READ MORE

Iowa Expungement Procedure
As a general rule, criminal court records are public. That means anyone can go to the local courthouse and find out if someone's ever been arrested for, charged with or convicted of a crime. In some states, though, there are ways to hide or even destroy a criminal record, so that almost no one can find ... READ MORE

IA After Small Claims Court
You've been preparing for your case in an Iowa small claims court for a while now. You've arranged for your witnesses to be at trial and you have all the receipts, repair estimates and other documents organized and ready for the judge to look at. Soon the judge will decide if you win or lose. Before ... READ MORE


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