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IL Alternatives to Small Claims Court
There are several alternatives to small claims court that take less time, money and energy. Before you file a claim, look for a solution outside of court because you may be able to negotiate a compromise. This is particularly important in situations where the other party is someone you'll have to deal ... Read more

IL After Small Claims Court
Generally, the judge's decision will be announced at the end of a small claims trial. However, sometimes the judge will want to take additional time to review the evidence or research case law before entering a final judgment. When this occurs, the parties will receive a copy of the final judgment in ... Read more

IL Filing a Small Claims Suit
The first step in filing a small claims action is obtaining and filling out the necessary forms. You will need to go the circuit clerk's office at the courthouse in your county and ask the clerk for a standard form small claim complaint and a small claim summons. If you are filing the complaint, you ... Read more

IL Collecting the Judgment
If you win the case, ask the court to include court costs and any money you spent as part of the judgment. The court can require reimbursement for such fees as: The money paid to file the action The cost to have the summons and complaint mailed or personally served Any attorneys' fees The court can award ... Read more

IL Small Claims Trials
After your complaint has been filed and the defendant served, you need to prepare your case for court. Your proof must be more convincing than the other side's proof for you to win the case. Proof consists of the testimony of witnesses and physical evidence. All small claims court sessions are open to ... Read more

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