Sufficient cause

: cause that is deemed enough to provide an excuse under the law: as
a  : See also good cause­often used in the phrase good and sufficient cause
b  : See also probable cause
3 a  : a ground of a legal action <tortious conduct is not a ~ of divorce embraced within the statutory cause of cruel and inhuman treatment ­Case & Comment>
b  : See also case<questions of law...determinative of the ~ then pending ­R. T. Gerwatowski>
4  in the civil law of Louisiana : the reason for making a contract
compare frustration
Under the Louisiana Civil Code, if a contract's cause is illicit or immoral, the contract is absolutely null. If the cause fails after the contract is made (as when a leased building cannot be occupied because of a fire), the contract may either be not enforced or only partially enforced.

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