Definition - Noun
1  : the process or fact of recouping <~ of expenses>
2 a  : a keeping back of all or part of a sum sought by a plaintiff in the interest of equity
see also equitable recoupment
b  : a reduction in damages because of a demand by the defendant arising out of the same occurrence or transaction
c  : the right of a defendant to have the claim of the plaintiff reduced or eliminated by reason of a breach of contract or duty by the plaintiff in the same occurrence or transaction
: an affirmative defense alleging such a breach
d  : a counterclaim that arises out of the same occurrence or transaction as that of the original action
compare set-off
Recoupment involves the type of claim that now must be asserted in a compulsory counterclaim.

Pronunciation Key

  • \&\ as a and u in a b ut
  • \[^&]\ as e in kitt en
  • \&r\ as ur and er in f urther
  • \a\ as a inash
  • \A\ as a in ace
  • \?\ as o in m op
  • \au\ as ou in ou t
  • \ch\ as ch in ch in
  • \e\ as e in bet
  • \E\ as ea in easy
  • \g\ as g in go
  • \i\ as i in hit
  • \I\ as i in ice
  • \j\ as j in job
  • \[ng]\ as ng in sing
  • \O\ as o in go
  • \o\ as aw in law
  • \oi\ as oy in boy
  • \th\ as th in thin
  • \[th_]\ as thin the
  • \?\ as oo in loot
  • \u\ as oo in foot
  • \y\ as y in yet
  • \zh\ as si in vision

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