Definition - adj
1 a  : intended for or restricted to the use of a particular person or group or class of persons
: not available to the public <a ~ park>
b  : not related to, controlled by, or deriving from the state <a ~ school>
2 a  : owned by or concerning an individual person or entity <~ land>
b  : not having shares that can be freely traded on the open market <a ~ company>
3  : affecting the interests of a particular person, class or group of persons, or locality <~ legislation> <~ rights>
4 a  : not invested with or engaged in public office or employment <a ~ citizen>
b  : not related to or dependent on an official position <~ correspondence>
5  : not known publicly or carried on in public
: intended only for the persons involved
6  : made under private signature <a ~ instrument>

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