Be sure the agent you choose has experience representing buyers, good references, and qualifications to meet your housebuying needs in terms of your i ... read more
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FL After Small Claims Court
Generally, the judge's decision will be announced at the end of a small claims trial. However, sometimes the judge will want to take additional time to review the evidence or research case law before entering a final judgment. When this occurs, the parties will receive a copy of the final judgment in ... Read more

Florida Estate Planning Process
Estate planning in Florida is a process that involves a variety of tools to manage your property and to provide for the smooth distribution of your assets and care of loved ones with minimal tax consequences and costs. Making a Will A will is an instrument that provides for the distribution of your property ... Read more

Divorce Law in Florida
A divorce may dissolve a marital relationship, but it may also establish new or different rights and obligations. There are issues of child custody, visitation, support payments, tax ramifications and often significant emotional consequences, especially if children are involved. If you are contemplating ... Read more

Florida Employment Law Basics
Florida law requires employers with at least 50 employees to give employees up to three days off per year to handle certain matters arising from domestic violence against themselves or their family members. ... Read more

Considerations Before Selling a House in Florida
Once you find a real estate agent you want to work with, you’ll sign a “listing agreement” giving the agent the right to market and handle the sale of your house. ... Read more

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