Federal Law And Agencies

Access the U.S. Constitution and Amendments, branches of government, courts and laws as well as Federal government agencies which offer a wide range of information at their respective sites. Take time to learn how the legal system you and your attorney will be working with operates.

U.S. Constitution
- United States Constitution
- Preamble
- Article One - Legislative power
- Article Two - Executive power
- Article Three - Judicial power
- Article Four - States' powers
- Article Five - Amendment Process
- Article Six - Federal power
- Article Seven - Ratification
- Amendments
Access Government Branches and Courts by Topic
- Executive Branch - U.S. Supreme Court
       Recent Decisions
- Judicial Branch - Federal Judicial Center
- Legislative Branch - U.S. Courts of Appeals
- How Federal Laws are Made - U.S. Bankruptcy Courts
- United States Code, Statutes at Large,
and Public Laws
- U.S. District Courts
- State Courts
- Small Claims Courts
Federal Government Agencies
- Select Government Agencies and Acts By Category
- A-Z Listing of Federal Agencies

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