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what is my legal right to electronic testimony?

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.Does anyone have a thought or know what is my legal right to electronic testimony? I am Canadian and this is for Erie County court in Buffalo NY. A magistrate has recommended our case go before a judge.. My husband is up on a 7th violation, magistrate recommends 15 days. I live in a different country. approx 2-3 hours away. it would be a financial and physical hardship for me to attend physically as not only is my husband in arrears so I have little income. but I was in a car accident. and have requested to the Judge I appear electronically and he and the staff have been a biased/rude and unreasonable and have said. NO. and I got feed back that he will remand it to Feb. until I am well enough and saved enough money to take that long journey. Pathetic courthouse!!. it is so unfair I get restraining orders without trial or right to council but my husband gets off 7 violations. never after 23 times has ever had to submit his
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Answered on Dec 13th, 2013 at 6:12 PM

It depends upon the circumstances. Family Court allows electronic appearance under some circumstances.

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