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Obamacare and child support

1 Answers. Asked on Jun 03rd, 2013 on Child Support - Florida
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Does Obamacare include a provision where child support will be extended until the age of 26, or until the child is done with college? Am I correct in assuming this will apply to all existing child support orders that state otherwise.
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Mr. Charles Dean Scott at Scott & Fenderson, P.A.
Licenced in FL
Answered on Jun 04th, 2013 at 4:00 PM

Obamacare applies to health insurance and not child support. In Florida, child support is owed until the child reaches the age of 18. If the child turns 18 and has not graduated from high school, then child support can continue until the child graduates or reaches the age of 19, which ever comes first. There is no obligation to support adult children (over the age of 18) and this includes paying for college, or health insurance. Obamacare would allow children to continue to be covered on their parents insurance to age 26, but does not require parents to pay for it. To do so would place federal law  in direct conflict with Florida State law.

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