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Is it illegal to send the ashes of a deceased to a person malignantly in the state of Georgia?

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My mom recently passed away and we now hold her ashes in an urn within our home. My dad discovered several horrible actions committed by her before she died. He has grown to hate my mom. He now wants to send her ashes to her partner in crime. My brother and I both are abhorred at this; we want to protect what is left of her integrity. Are there any laws I could threaten my dad with in order to stop him?
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Mr. Jonathan James Wade at Wade Law Office
Licenced in GA
Answered on Jul 10th, 2012 at 8:44 AM

My condolences to you on your loss, and on the extra trauma which your family is going through as a result of your mother's actions and your father's reaction. Unfortunately, I do not believe that it is illegal to send cremated remains to another person, as they aren't considered a harmful or hazardous substance. I don't believe that the motive is really important. However, you and your brother need to sit your father down and make him understand that, while your mother may not have been a perfect person, she was still your mother and you will be hurt and dismayed by his actions if he does what he is planning to do. If that fails, perhaps you can take the ashes, or portions of them, so that you will at least have something left of your mother which you can deal with in ways you feel are more appropriate.

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