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i was injured at work, am i entitled to any kind of settlement from my employer, even though i was given worksman compensation.

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i am a truck-driver, i was driving a flatbed trailer. as i was binding my load i was hit in the face, resulting in me shattering my jawbone in 5 places. i was given worksman comp. i also had surgery where they put a plate in my face to replace my jawbone. i have returned to work. i live in the state of indiana. do i have a legitimate case, or am i entitled to money?
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Answered on Aug 27th, 2012 at 10:09 AM

The answer to your question is "maybe."  To know for sure, I am going to need some additional information.  Because the accident happened while you were at work, you are definitely entitled to Worker's Compensation benefits and it sounds as though you are receiving those.  The next question is whether there may be a third party whose may have been negligent in causing your injuries.  For example, if the strap failed, it is possible that you could sue the manufacturer of the strap for product liability.  Was it your trailer?  Perhaps the owner has some responsibility?  Another example of third-party liability could be that the company that loaded your vehicle did it incorrectly, thereby resulting in your injury.  In either case, you would have to prove that some other parties' negligence was the cause of your injuries.  I would be more than happy to discuss your particular  situation with you in person.  I can be reached at 1-800-625-4710.  There is never a fee unless we accept your case and are able to reach a settlement.


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