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I am currently on probation for DWLR; I have already done a year and a half of the 2 year probation and I recently got caught driving again.

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I have been to all my meeting and have been paying my fees. Should I tell my probation officer? Will I recieve jail time or extended probation?
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Answered on Feb 08th, 2012 at 11:54 AM

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If by "got caught driving again" you mean that you were charged with a new Driving While License Revoked matter, it would be advisable to inform your probation officer of the new charge.  The probation officer will likely already be aware of the new charge, thus the fact that you are informing the officer of the new charge will build report with that officer and may show that you are credible.  Your probation officer will likely file a violation report and you will be charged with a probation violation for which you will need to appear in court.

With regards to the impact that the new charge will have on your probation, there are many options that the probation officer has at his/her disposal.  Those options include: revoking your probation, extending/modifying your probation, having you do jail weekends, terminating your probation, etc.  You will have the option of hiring an attorney or requesting that an attorney be appointed to you.  It would be advisable to use these options so that you may consult with counsel and have the attorney negotiate with the probation officer and the Assistant District Attorney on your behalf.  It may be that your probation officer and the attorney want to continue the violation until your new charge is resolved.  In my experience, when a new driving while license revoked charge is obtained by someone already on probation for driving while license revoked, absent extraordinary circumstances, there will at least be a jail weekend or some amount of jail time that will be requested by the probation officer.

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