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How can i sue a lawyer for malpractice after the statute of limitations has expired?

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I hired a lawyer to handle a traffic infraction case. I have a CDL and didnt want a speeding conviction on my driving record. My lawyer told me that it would require me to pay the fine and attend two driver training classes,which was fine with me.My lawyer didnt go to court for me and i was convicted of speeding and failure to appear. She then withdrew as my lawyer and threatened me with a restraining order if i ever contacted her office again.This is the reason i never persued a lawsuit, I was intimated by her and thought it better to drop it. I have been turned down for jobs due to this ticket, my wife and i have seperated and are divorcing , my house went into foreclosure and my business has failed due to the increase in my insurance costs. All this was explained, to my lawyer,would happen with the exception of my marriage, when i retained her.I regret my decision to not persue a lawsuit very much. The damage caused by her negligence and incompetence is severe and on going. Help
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Answered on May 26th, 2012 at 12:38 PM

A person cannot sue an attorney for malpractice once the statute of limitations has run.

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The vast majority of attorneys act ethically and diligently representing the interests of their clients. But what happens when you hire a lawyer who has a conflict of interest, makes errors in your representation, is negligent or breaches his or her fiduciary duty? In those instances, you may have grounds for a legal malpractice complaint or lawsuit. Law firms that represent the victims of legal malpractice can help you file a complaint with your state's lawyer registration and disciplinary commission, while also filing a civil lawsuit against your former attorney.
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