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father died in California without will. I think he had money at JP Morgan how can I find out

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He owned a condo with his girlfriend of 16 years that is not yet paid for. The title says 50/50 common. Am I entitled to anything. Will it have to go to probate. What will happen to his money in the bank. Cant find the life insurance either at this point I'm not even sure there was one. My brother says he is executor but I find that hard to believe. Where do I start to sort this mess out
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Answered on Jul 12th, 2013 at 11:06 AM

I am sorry for your loss and the mess you are in.

If the condo is really "tenants in common" and not "joint tenancy" then you and your brother are entitled to dad's 1/2 of the condo.

Depending on the value of his assets (more or less than $150k) will determine what level of probate is needed.

The New York Department of Finance (I think has a life insurance search form. That's free. Or you can pay $75 to for a search.

If you are confident there is no will then I wouldn't worry about what your brother says.

Go hire a probate attorney, today, and get this started.

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