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Can I sue a mechanic shop?

1 Answers. Asked on Sep 02nd, 2012 on Business Law - New York
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In July 2011 my 2005 car was involved in an accident (hit deer) which required body work. After the body work was done the bodyshop recommended that I have additional mechanical work done which I did. After several trips to the mechanic shop and spending more than $5000 the transmission went bad. I no longer have the car, it was volunatarily repossed as I could not pay for it. The car last received mechanical service at the dealership where I was told that transmission could have been damaged by the mechanic if the original work done was not done correctly. The bank is demanding payment for the remaining balance of the loan as the amount they sold it for did not cover the total amount that was due on the loan.
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Answered on Sep 03rd, 2012 at 8:12 AM

Your inquiry does not allege anything the mechanic shop did that was wrong. In the absence of some kind of demonstrable misconduct by the defendant, you cannot recover.

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