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Can I change my name back to my maiden name while still married ? I haven''t changed to my married last name yet...

1 Answers. Asked on Oct 17th, 2011 on Family Law - Minnesota
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My husband and I just got married in August 2011. I started noticing he was lying and then I caught him stealing from my son''s piggy bank (my biological son, not his). He''s being really shady. I feel like I want a divorce, but I think we should try counceling. I haven''t even changed any of my info to his last name yet (literally, I just got the marriage cert in the mail last week). Can I file to keep my maiden name ? Seems like a lot of hassle to change to his last name just to change it back to mine (if we divorce). It''s getting to the end of the year and I know this decision will effect alot of things, including my personal info on my taxes so I don''t want to delay my action. Can I change my name ? Does it cost ?
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Answered on Oct 22nd, 2011 at 10:08 PM

You  can legally change your name back to your family name, or any other name, for that matter, as long as it is not for an improper purpose.  The Court filing fee is $322.  The process is pretty simple, but not instantaneous.  You are duplicating the filing fee if you decide to get a divorce, as the name change is included as an option with the divorce.  If he is shady, you may want to file as "married, filing separately," when you do your taxes.  If he is taking money from a piggy bank, that is more than just a problem with a relationship that counseling can help. What a disappointment it must be to have him act poorly.  But, lots os women don't rush into getting all of their IDs changed right away, so maybe you could try counseling and hold off switching to using "his" name until you decide if this is a marriage to save.  If you want to talk to family lawyers in a no cost meeting, I know we would be happy to meet with you and at least help you know your options, and I am sure other family law lawyers would as well.  Good luck.

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