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Access legal articles, law message boards and other legal research resources for these personal and business law topics:

- Admiralty Law
- Animal Law
- Aviation Law
- Banking Law
- Bankruptcy
- Business Law
- Charities
- Civil Rights
- Class Actions
- Construction Law
- Consumer Law
- Contracts
- Corporate Law
- Criminal Law

- Education Law
- Elder Law
- Eminent Domain
- Employee Benefit
- Entertainment Law
- Family Law
- Finance
- General Practice
- Health Care
- Immigration Law
- Insurance Law
- Internet Law

- Legal Malpractice
- Military Law
- Personal Injury
- Products Liability
- Real Estate
- Securities
- Social Security
- Taxation
- Toxic Torts
- Trusts and Estates
- Wills and Probate
- Workers' Comp
- Zoning & Land Use

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Attorney/Client Relationship
Guidelines for selecting, inteviewing and hiring a lawyer plus information on fees, office personnel, legal malpractice and more.

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State Law and Agencies
We've made it easy to access lawyers, laws and resources by state location or by topic.

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Federal Law and Agencies
Access the U.S. Constitution and Amendments, branches of government, courts and laws as well as Federal government agencies which offer a wide range of information at their respective sites. Take time to learn how the legal system you and your attorney will be working with operates.

U.S. Constitution
- United States Constitution

Government, Courts and Laws
- Executive Branch
- Judicial Branch
- Legislative Branch

- U.S. Supreme Court
- Federal Judicial Center
- U.S. Courts of Appeals
- U.S. District Courts
- U.S. Bankruptcy Courts
- State Courts
- Small Claims Courts

Federal Government Agencies

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Legal Media

Legal Books

LexisNexis is renown for its legal publications and they're now available to you. Check out some of the legal books available:

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- Also check out Divorce: Articles from Life Event Series -- Family Law .

Legal Videos provides legal videos from legal professional to help you make sense of your issues in a quick easy-to-understand format.

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Legal Forms

Looking for a form? You can access a wide variety of federal and state forms from this area including:

Top Personal and Business Forms

Personal Forms

- Living Will
- Last Will & Testament
- Power of Attorney
- Prenuptial Agreement
- Promissory Note
- Automobile Bill of Sale
- Living Trust
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Business Forms

- Real Estate Lease - Quick Form
- Nondisclosure Agreement
- License Agreement
- Consulting Agreement
- Non-Compete Agreement
- General Contract for Services
- Corporate Bylaws
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Federal Forms
- Bankruptcy
- Immigration

- More Federal Forms
- Patent & Trademarks
- IRS Tax Forms

State Forms
- California Court Forms
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- Lake County
- Illinois Court Forms
- McHenry County
- Indiana Court Forms
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Experts & Services
Explore our free, comprehensive Experts & Services Online Directory of more than 50,000 experts, consultants and other service professionals to the legal industry.
Legal articles focusing on Research Law
Prepare to Meet with a Lawyer
Deciding to meet with an attorney is an important first step. Now it's time to make sure that the meeting is as productive as possible and that both you and the attorney can have an honest conversation about your options. Sounds easy, but there are a couple of things you shouldn't forget.
Select a Lawyer
Choosing a lawyer can be a big step and more than a little intimidating. Whether you go with a family friend, a coworker's recommendation or a lawyer found in the directory, there are a few things you should know.
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Hot topics and current awareness articles found on Check here to read about how topics in the news relate to you. Law Video Library
Sometimes, watching a video will give you deeper insights about resolving your legal issue with the right legal representation on your side. Suggested Legal Books
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