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Getting Arkansas Divorce Help
With the exception of very brief unions involving scant property, dissolving most marriages is a complicated procedure, with legalities varying greatly according to your state. Here is a general synopsis for Arkansas. Do You Require an Attorney? While many people are capable of completing paperwork necessary ... READ MORE

Arkansas Traffic Violation History
Having a traffic violation on your record can have an adverse effect on your life. Increased insurance rates and loss of your driver's license can hinder your day-to-day activities and ability to earn income. Types of Traffic Violations There are many types of traffic violations in Arkansas: Strict liability ... READ MORE

The Arkansas Home Buying Experience
Buying a house is one of the most significant financial commitments most Arkansas residents will make in their lifetimes. Before you purchase a home, take time to examine your finances to determine what you can afford. Reflect on your personal situation to determine what features you need or want in ... READ MORE

Employment Law Basics in Arkansas
American workers are protected by state and federal law from before they're hired until after they leave a job. Below is an overview of employment law issues in Arkansas. Hiring Laws against discrimination come into play as soon as a position is posted. Companies can't limit the job to male applications ... READ MORE

Estate Planning Basics in Arkansas
As awkward as it can be to talk about estate planning, it is still a vitally important topic. Proper planning can ensure that your assets are distributed as you intend and that your business continues to run smoothly. Laws are similar throughout the United States, but Arkansas has some specific provisions. ... READ MORE

How to Sell Your Arkansas House
Whether you're downsizing due to an empty nest or moving up to a larger place, selling a home is a complicated undertaking with legal ramifications. Becoming familiar with the process ahead of time can help you avoid problems. Although the steps involved in selling a home are similar in every state, ... READ MORE

Personal Injury Basics in Arkansas
Personal injury is an understandably sensitive area of law. A person who suffers a serious injury not only faces medical bills, but often a long road to recovery, time away from work, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, and difficulty handling everyday tasks. Getting compensation from the party at ... READ MORE

Arkansas Small Claims Court
Small claims refers to the legal process that assists individuals in settling certain disagreements in a court with relaxed rules and a streamlined process. Small claims are designed to be manageable without an attorney. Eligibility If you are at or above the age of majority, 18 years of age or older, ... READ MORE

Arkansas' Criminal Process and Procedures
Few experiences are as stressful and unsettling as being charged with a criminal offense. If you or someone you care about is facing criminal charges, you're likely to have questions about what to expect from the time of the arrest through the trial. Although the criminal process is similar in most states, ... READ MORE

Personal Bankruptcy in Arkansas
Bankruptcy is federal law. There are two types of personal bankruptcy: Chapter 7 is a liquidation with no assets to satisfy debtor's debts, or few assets surrendered to trustee and liquidated to pay a portion of debtor's debts. Chapter 13 is a reorganization where an individual or couple has a home or ... READ MORE


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