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Buying a Home in Alaska
Buying a home means committing yourself to a community. This will be your home for years to come, so you'll want as few problems as possible. When you're purchasing a home in Alaska, you should be aware of the legal issues involved in residential real estate transactions, including disclosures, obtaining ... READ MORE

AK Witnesses at Small Claims Court
It's time to prepare for the trial of the case when the judge or magistrate of an Alaska small claims court decides who wins. What can you do to help make sure you're on the winning side? You know, of course, that you need to have any bills, receipts or other papers ready to prove your case. What else ... READ MORE

Alaska Personal Injuries
Whether you suffer an injury due to medical malpractice, an automobile accident that renders you incapable of working, or damages due to a corporation's negligence, you may want to file a personal injury lawsuit where others are deemed responsible and ordered to pay compensation. Though judicial systems ... READ MORE

Sell Your House in Alaska
Selling a home is rewarding as well as complex. With state and local regulations governing the sale, along with potential legal issues, there are a number of things you need to know before selling your home. Why a Real Estate Agent? Selling a home on your own means an overwhelming amount of work and ... READ MORE

Alaska Divorce Laws
Dissolving your Alaska marriage can be an amicable termination of your relationship, or it may be contentious. In either event, your divorce will include the resolution of fundamental issues applicable to your situation. You will need to decide how your marital property, assets and debts will be divided, ... READ MORE

Criminal Proceedings in Alaska
While the essential procedures of the criminal justice system are fairly uniform in all states, differences exist from arrest to sentencing. This article provides a summary of how the process works in Alaska. From Arrest to Booking Making an Arrest: Police can only make warrantless arrests in misdemeanor ... READ MORE

Estate Planning in Alaska
It's an uncomfortable subject for a lot of people, but estate planning is of vital importance. It lets you ensure that your assets are distributed as you intend and also can prevent loved ones from paying unnecessary costs. Having your affairs in order can ensure that your wishes are adhered to in terms ... READ MORE

Alaska Traffic Violation Points
From neglecting to signal to forgetting to buckle, momentary lapses sometimes cause trouble on the road. In Alaska, when a driver runs afoul of traffic laws, it is a minor matter that can be resolved without a court appearance. Some serious issues can result in jail time or prison sentences. Traffic ... READ MORE

Filing for Bankruptcy in Alaska
Bankruptcy is governed by federal law. It allows you to manage, and in some cases eliminate, your debts. Individuals filing for bankruptcy typically choose either Chapter 7 or Chapter 13. With Chapter 7, a trustee takes possession of your non-exempt assets and liquidates or sells them in order to pay ... READ MORE

Small Claims Court in Alaska
A small claims suit in Alaska is an expedited legal proceeding involving personal property or certain other claims with a jurisdictional limit of $10,000 or less. The rules and procedures are less formal than in regular district court, and you can obtain a judgment months earlier. Although you may have ... READ MORE


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