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Bankruptcy in Alabama
It's not easy deciding on whether or not to file bankruptcy. There's no magic formula to tell you if it's right for you. However, if you're overwhelmed with credit card and other debts or facing foreclosure, and you've tried all other options, bankruptcy may be your best and only chance at a fresh start. ... READ MORE

Purchasing a Home in Alabama
Purchasing a home may be the most significant financial commitment most Alabama residents will make in their lifetimes. Before you purchase a home, take time to examine your finances to determine what you can afford to buy. Reflect on your personal situation to determine what features you want or need ... READ MORE

Estate Planning Guide in Alabama
Though estate planning frequently can be a difficult topic to broach, it remains vitally important that adults give the matter careful consideration because proper planning allows your loved ones to sidestep protracted, expensive legal hassles, and helps ensure that your final wishes are adhered to. ... READ MORE

Personal Injury in Alabama
A personal injury often results in higher costs than just medical bills. A person who has been seriously hurt may also face lost wages, emotional trauma, pain and suffering, difficulty handling everyday tasks, and a long road to recovery. Personal injury plaintiffs and defendants in Alabama should be ... READ MORE

The Alabama Divorce Process
A divorce is the ending of a marriage with the parties, which may be achieved expeditiously if the parties are in fundamental agreement on all material terms, or by litigation in which attorneys represent their clients' best interests. Issues concerning child custody and support, spousal maintenance, ... READ MORE

The Processing of Criminal Defendants in Alabama
Criminal defendants enjoy protections guaranteed by federal and state laws, but each state has its own methods of processing criminal defendants within its jurisdiction. This article discusses the basic procedures found in Alabama. Arrest, Rights, and Booking Many defendants are arrested on issuance ... READ MORE

AL Filing a Small Claims Suit
Do you have a customer who refuses to pay you for the repairs you made to her car? Or maybe a former landlord is trying to keep your security deposit or won't let you get your belongings that you left behind when your lease expired. These are the kinds of disputes that are resolved by the Alabama small ... READ MORE

AL Small Claims Trials
Someone owes you money and you decided to file a small claims lawsuit. After you filed the Statement of Claim and Notice of Trial, the court clerk gave you a trial date. The defendant - the person you sued - never offered to pay you, or "settle" the case. Maybe you even tried mediation - where a neutral ... READ MORE

AL What Is Small Claims Court?
People have minor disputes every day. They range from a tenant who can't get her former landlord to refund her security deposit to a mechanic who can't get a customer to pay for car repairs he made. Many times these kinds of disputes don't involve enough money to justify hiring an attorney. After all, ... READ MORE

AL Witnesses at Small Claims Court
You're involved in a lawsuit that's been filed in an Alabama small claims court, and the trial date is coming up. What can you do to help make sure that the judge agrees with you and decides the case in your favor? Witnesses can mean the difference between winning and losing. Whether you're the one who ... READ MORE


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