Adding to a News Feed

Wherever you go, you can have content delivered directly to you through an RSS feed on your news reader, tablet or other mobile device.

Please use these links to connect with content on your news or RSS reader. Blog

Legal news consumers can use, as reported by the professional news team of 

Attorney Blog Posts

Blog entries written by lawyers about a wide variety of topics.  

How do I add's content to my news reader?

Click on the RSS button - RSSFeedIcon14 Copy the address, or URL, of that page and paste it into your news reader or aggregator.

Add Content to Flipboard:

1. Download the Flipboard app for iPad by searching Flipboard in the App Store
2. Open the app on your iPad once it has been installed
3. Flip to the main content board
4. To subscribe to our general Twitter feed:
Find and click on the first empty “Add a Section” node

Flipboard instructions










a. To select the Lawyerscom Twitter feed, select “Add a Custom Section” and type “Lawyerscom” into the search bar 
b. Under “Twitter Users,” select “ (@Lawyerscom).” The section will automatically complete and you’ll have access to content immediately.


What does RSS stand for?

RSS has two common meanings: Real Simple Syndication or Rich Site Summary.

RSS allows sites to easily share information with users and for users to track information that has changed. An RSS feed, also called a news feed, contains a headline, summary and a link which takes a user back to the place where the information resides. RSS does not require providing your email address before you can receive information.

What is an "aggregator" or "news feed" reader?

A news aggregator, or news reader, is web based or desktop software. A news aggregator can be compared to an email program. Rather than email, the aggregator pulls in and displays RSS feeds from the sites your have subscribed to. The software allows you to access and read the new content from the RSS feeds.

Where can I get an aggregator or news reader?

There are many free web based programs as well as software you can purchase and installed on your computer. Use your favorite search engine to find the reader that works best for you.

What does syndication mean?

Syndication is often used in association with RSS and news feeds. Syndication is the process by which an author/publisher allows content to be picked-up and displayed in locations other than the publisher's primary location. You might have to pay for content - think newspaper or magazine subscription - and some, like most RSS feeds, are free.

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